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Mr. Brown

To be different from Deejays with Names like "King Oliver", "Sir John" and such, Mr. Brown started as"Charlie Brown" (as in the Coasters-Hit). When the "Peanuts" Comic strip came up, he had to change his Name, tired of receiving "Snoopy" and "Charlie Brown" dolls from the Girls... Under his new Name "Mr. Brown" he got really into it. In some Clubs for Years, in others for Months or just One- Nighters, he got the Reputation of an "Ambassador Of Soul", even though this is the official Title of another dedicated Soul Man (in the UK), a Friend of his, the well- known Writer, Singer and Producer David Nathan. He toured the U.S. Army Posts in Germany, being booked as "Mr. Brown's Funky Disco", as a Special Guest for many live Shows of recording Artists from the States, coming to Germany to entertain the Troops. Through out the 70's, 80's, 90's and even now, Mr. Brown sticks to the same good old Formula: "Give the People what they want" (and that'll be better: Funk & Soul!)


Dee-Bunk started to collect records in the early eighties. Mainly influenced by the New York radio station Kiss FM and by clubs like „Third World“, he collected everything groovy and funky. It was inevitable that he met Lutz Gehrke from Starpoint Records, and in 1986, he became Lutz’ first collaborator, thus arriving in collectors’ Heaven. At that time, Dee-Bunk publicized his first mixed tapes entitled „Line 29“, which because of the choice of music, from „classic“ to rare underground, and because of Dee-Bunk’s exquisite compiling and mixing still enjoy an absolutely unique status. In 1993, the series of parties „Funky Freaks“, with Dee-Bunk at the turntables, started at the „After Shave“. Dee-Bunk’s grooves proved convincing to the crew of the „After Shave“, and Dee-Bunk was resident DJ at the club from 1996 to 1998. His collector’s passion hasn’t abated.


For Adrian, everything started with the acquisition of his own audio mixer in 1987, which gave birth to the idea to become a DJ. Adrian’s fascination for music quickly delevoped into a preference for funk, soul, r’n’b and hip-hop. His repertory of records widened continuously, and through his contacts to record dealers and labels, Adrian more and more became the ultimate expert in ‚black music‘. Stations of his career as a DJ have been, among others, „La Cage“, „Madhouse“, „After-Shave“, „Zenith“ and „Pat Club“. As a master at the mixing console, every Friday since 2007, Adrian, playing finest r’n’B and funky grooves, has made the partyfolk at the „Golden Cut“ celebrate and sweat.


Supergid plays finest funk music or, to express it in a more international way, ‚universal funk’. Groove is the basis of this – a mesh of rhythms, which makes your head nod and your legs dance. Supergid’s spectrum covers classical musicians from the sixities and seventies, like James Brown or Aretha Franklin, as well as modern underground funk bands like the Quantic Soul Orchestra or Fort Knox Five. „Funk can be found in Disco tracks just as well as in hip-hop or r’n’b – it all depends on the DJ’s meticulous selection, and in this respect Supergid ranks first“, Nuff said. Since 1986 Supergid has performed regularly at the record players. From 1990 to 1994, he was resident DJ at the legendary „Soulkitchen“. In 1994, he opened the club „Le Fonque“. Since 2007, Supergid has been resident of the Baltic Soul Weekenders .


Thanks to D-One’s weakness for funk and soul music, what originated as a test in 1979 immediately led to regular engagements at the top clubs of the time, like the „Hamburg Club“ and the „Star Club“ at Hamburg’s Großneumarkt. D-One’s co-operation with Kenny B. at the „Third World“ from 1986 on inspired him to enlarge his musical spectrum, so that in 1993 at the „After Shave“, he took over the successful series of parties ‚Best Groove in Town‘ from Gerd Bischoff, which he continued at the „Madhouse“ from 2001 on. Since 2004, D-One and DJ Wobo have been the creative duo of the club „Shake“, where, as a support for Montell Jordan among others, D-One has played Horace Brown, Sugarhill Gang, The Temptations and many other artists.

Sir Robin

„Funk and soul music doesn’t care about cultural bounderies, brings people into contact, produces happiness hormones, causes people to smile, arouses euphoria, and irresistably makes your legs swing.“ Sir Robin discovered his love for funky stuff when buying his first maxi single in 1984. The groovy, extremely danceable sound full of soul and the arising breakdance sensation captivated him. From then on, his record shelves filled with music by, e.g., Herbie Hancock, Grandmaster Flash and the Bar-Kays. His musical style, which Sir Robin calls „lady funk“, was formed during his work as a DJ at the „After Shave“, the „Queer“ and the „Lagerhaus“. In the nineties, he performed at JAM-FM Berlin, sharing the mixing table with Kenny B., and toured with the same Kenny B. in Northern Germany. Today, Sir Robin is booked all over Europe and, among other things, enthuses the public at after show parties of Mary J. Blige and the Lighthouse Family.

Frank Eitze

The passion for funk and soul music arose in Frank, then aged ten, when his eighteen-year-old brother played songs by the Four Tops, the Temptations, and Diana Ross and the Supremes for him. The Top Ten, the Voila, the Traxx, La Cage, Sausalitos, the Madhouse, the Trinity and the Wollenberg: these are only a few of the notable stages in Frank’s 36-year career as a DJ, presenting his Funky Stuff. After his first gigs as a DJ at the Crocker’s in Pinneberg, where, in 1977, his grooves also attracted the Hamburg funk crowd, from 1982 to 1998, Frank, together with Gerd Bischoff, D-One and Dee-Bunk, contributed to the excellent reputation of the After Shave Club in Hamburg. Frank’s Hamburg record store Rocco – for which, from 1983 to 1998, he regularly visited the record stores in NY, L.A. and London in order to provide the community at home with the newest Funky Stuff – developped into an in vinyl paradise for fans of jazz, funk, black music and soulful house. Frank has remained true to his passion as a jazz and funk DJ. But nowadays, at the Ciu, the East, and at the new city park location Die Bucht (The Bay), to name just a few, he also proves his skill as a soulful house DJ.


 Georgian Jaye

Georgian became dedicated to funk and soul music in the early seventies after meeting the band Please, who, among others, superbly covered James Brown and Earth, Wind & Fire. In a short period of time, Georgian became a prominent DJ in the clubs which were then fashionable in the funk scene, like the „Soul-History“, the „Sahara“, the „Trinity“ and the „Skyy“. From 1981 to 1987, together with ‚groove doctor‘ Kenny B., he provided for the rise and international reputation of the legendary funky dance club „Third World“. In the nineties, Georgian filled the clubs in and around Hamburg with the well regarded „Funk-Sensation-Tour“, co-founded by him, before touring in the US for several years. Besides his intensive work as a DJ, Georgian has also gained renown as a songwriter, studio producer and radio host.

DJ Friction

Mike Thompson

For almost forty years, Mike has been one of Europe’s top soul and disco DJs. He started his career at age 11(!) at the „Ice Rink“, which, with Mike at the controls playing soul, funk, disco and jazz beats was the first London club of its kind and had a sweeping success in the seventies. Mike’s website,, is a collector’s Eden, since, with decades of experience – also as a soulful house DJ – Mike has in addition become one of the most popular record dealers worldwide, where stars like Dimitri from Paris, Norman Jay or Joey Negro do their shopping.